AirBit is one of the leading digital payment software platforms. Our digital payment software has unique features which make it one of the top-selling software of its kind. Its multi-level reseller system creates multiple tiers of distributor, reseller and agent accounts. The panel is designed in such a way that it can be integrated with almost all top-selling recharge APIs. Just bring the recharge API to us and we will hook it in the back-end without changing any existing settings. Also, the recharge can be continued with the existing settings until you create routing for the same. Our AirBit Panel and the API supports almost all the leading operators across the globe and we are directly connected with the telecom or country-based aggregators to respond with the best service to the clients. We also have added International Recharge as an option if required. Not only that, we have added a custom routing plan which helps in deciding commission v/s reliability and routes the recharge to the operator of your choice.

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