Vouchers (both recharge and gift) were only available manually. Due to this, there was a loss of profit as well as the inability of vouchers from different brands. This became a major drawback for the customers. They were unable to acquire different vouchers and instead wasted money on unnecessary ones. (VIP cards)


To tackle this issue we came up with a master plan. This was to develop a cloud-based digital voucher system that can aid in selling any coupon digitally. Customers need not pile up or have their vouchers in hand anymore. The administrator can customize and recharge or buy as they wish.


Our team delivered a mobile application that offers a cost-effective method to recharge and buy vouchers on a digital platform. This tailor-made solution enabled retailers to use their money efficiently. We also made sure that if required the e-wallet could save money for the next time. Our client was satisfied with our proactive approach which helped them incur a significant profit.

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