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To enhance and advance lives and to build better beyond, by delivering absolute satisfaction, grounded in the passionate and committed structuring of life.

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Who we are


Beacon Infotech, is a technology enabler company that uncovers a whole new range of services from IT consulting services to digital transformation services in India for scalable business growth. It resolves complex problems through innovative and better outlooks. Beacon Infotech with its strong global presence, helps the partners to always stay ahead of the competition with holistic solutions.

Digital Transformation, Digital enterprise, Digital Engagement, and vision fulfilment are seriously taken care of. Constructive and prompt customer responsiveness makes Beacon Infotech distinctive and clientele across the world.

We are a team with a purpose, committed to delivering satisfaction. 

The soul of Beacon Infotech is solely being the beacon to the future. It’s the inseparable driving force behind every thought and action here.   It directs us and lights our journey forward. It gives us clarity and inspires us to be transparent on our values and passion towards Next. 

We, with perception and precision, reflect it to the world.

The Beams of Beacon

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  • Empowerment
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Client Engagement​

Bridge Building Happens Here

We work with business leaders, technology heads, start-up entrepreneurs and research & development teams in various large and small organizations. Our products and services help them to make innovative, timely, strategic decisions on emerging technologies. 

We support them with superior consulting and software development services, making them competitive in the digital age. 

Client engagement at Beacon Infotech is not limited to delivering products, support, or services. We count on the client’s needs and worries and maintain consistent communication and relationships bound in loyalty, resulting in mutual development and business growth. 

Our continued interactions with the clients on available updates, innovation, development and add-ons educate and motivate them to experience and enjoy the quality of the services and products we offer and to get facilitated.

The platform for information sharing could be on-site/off-site meetups and online conferences, allowing our entire team to get a complete understanding of our clients’ business, vision and goals. Detailed research with individual assumptions is encouraged and followed for flawless deliverables. We pause and re-evaluates our projects fortnightly as we understand that there is always room to adjust the project paths. The results of this approach in the development process reflect on greater efficiency in the cost and timing.


What our clients say
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The team

Meet the team.

Board of


Safeer P T

CEO & Co-founder

Shamnas V K

COO & Co-founder

Mehroon Kareem

Project coordinator cum HR

Raja Hameed

UK Marketing Head

Ahmed Nabhan

Business Development Officer

Business Development Officer
Anas M P

Chief Technology Officer

Haritha Harish

Software Engineer- Backend

Dheerej S

UI/UX Engineer

Sandra O

Assoc.Software Engineer-Backend

Liya K V

Assoc.Software Engineer-Backend


Python Developer

Python Developer
Nidhinlal C V

Software Engineer

Ilyas Babu

Python Developer - Backend

Python Developer
Dinil Raj K

UI/UX Designer

Nahas AY

UI/UX Developer


Software Developer - Mobile

Arya P

Software Test Engineer


React JS Developer

Sayeed Muhammed

Social Media Manager

Nijeesh Raju

Creative Video Editor

Creative Video Editor
Prameesh A

Digital Marketing Strategist

Rahul K R

Graphic Designer

Thuafailul Rahman

Graphic Designer

Anagha Sivasankar

Junior Graphic Designer

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