Edubea is a modern cloud-based management solution specifically tailored for running different types of educational organizations. The software efficiently digitizes all aspects from admissions to accounting, taking care of everything with cloud-based applications. 

We understand that managing an institution is a demanding task. The immensity of processes it demands can be overwhelming, especially if they are not organized. With Edubea, you can bring all aspects of managing your institution to a single ERP software, in which administrators could manage all processes from one space. Edubea fosters the increased synergy between parents, teachers and administration that provides a holistic learning environment for every student. 

Edubea is simple and easy to use. It is accessible through popular and leading platforms, it safeguards your data within the software, allowing you to generate insightful reports confidently and sends on-time reports and analytics to facilitate better assessment and planning. The RFID based student tracking and synchronized attendance reporting system is provided and communication is made simple by an internal messaging system.

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