O-Ring Inspection

Elevating O-Ring Quality: A Case Study in Automated Inspection

 Client: Precision Seal Manufacturing Solutions, an Indo-German Joint Venture, is a family-owned enterprise specializing in precision seal manufacturing.

Problem: Manufacturing an impressive 50 lakh o-rings per month in sizes ranging from 2.5mm to 20mm, Precision Seal Manufacturing Solutions faced the monumental task of automating o-ring inspection. The objective was to ensure consistent quality by inspecting o-rings for dimensions and detecting defects like flashes, dents, no-fills, and short molds.

Results: Precision Seal Manufacturing Solutions’ innovative approach led to outstanding results:

Comprehensive Machine Development: They successfully designed and developed an entire inspection machine, collaborating closely with a mechanical design team. Optical System Innovation: A novel optical system, featuring a combination of lights tailored for capturing black surface defects, was developed. Advanced Algorithm: A cutting-edge algorithm, leveraging frequency and wavelet filters, was designed for detecting flashes and surface defects with precision. Impressive Speed: The system boasts an impressive speed of 450 parts per minute, ensuring efficient and high-throughput inspection.

In conclusion, Precision Seal Manufacturing Solutions’ case study underscores their commitment to product quality and innovation. Their automated inspection system not only meets but exceeds the demanding requirements of o-ring manufacturing, reinforcing their reputation as a leader in precision seal production.

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