Robotic Guidance For Engine Sealant Application

Precision Engine Sealant Application: A Case Study in Robotic Guidance

Client: Precision Machinery Manufacturing

Problem: Within their tractor engine manufacturing plant, Precision Machinery Manufacturing faced a critical challenge in applying sealant along the edges of engine blocks. Automating the sealant application process required a robot equipped with a nozzle at the end of its robotic arm. However, due to dimensional variations in the fixtures and conveyors, the precise positioning of the sealant was at risk.

Solution: Precision Machinery Manufacturing designed a sophisticated solution to ensure precision in sealant application:

2.5D Profile Sensor: A cutting-edge 2.5D profile sensor was employed to accurately capture the engine block’s profile and dimensions. Motor Mechanism: The profile sensor was strategically attached to the robot’s end effector, alongside the sealant dispenser, via a motor mechanism. This allowed for dynamic adjustments during application. Custom Software: A specialized software application was developed to interface with the profile sensor. It extracted the profile dimensions, applied filtering algorithms to refine the data, and solved algebraic equations to determine the 3D dimensions of the engine block edge. Robot Coordination: The calculated 3D dimensions were mapped to robot coordinates and seamlessly transmitted to the UR-robot for precise sealant application.

Results: The implementation of this innovative Robotic Guidance system yielded impressive results:

Precision Sealant Application: The system ensured that sealant was applied with unparalleled precision, regardless of dimensional variations in fixtures and conveyors. Elimination of Variations: Variations in sealant positions, a critical concern, were effectively mitigated, improving the overall quality of engine sealing. Operational Efficiency: The automated system streamlined the sealant application process, reducing manual intervention and enhancing production efficiency.

In conclusion, Precision Machinery Manufacturing’s commitment to precision in manufacturing led to the adoption of advanced Robotic Guidance technology. This case study illustrates how cutting-edge sensors, software, and robotics can revolutionize critical manufacturing processes, ensuring consistency and accuracy in engine sealant application within the tractor manufacturing plant

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