Voucherd is a cloud-based digital coupon or voucher management system that aids in selling recharge coupons, gift vouchers digitally and makes it easy and simple for your entire voucher needs digitally. Voucherd is a convenient and flexible option for users. 

It is the next step in the reseller method and effectively contributes to rate planning. Vouchers were only available manually and Voucherd is a cool alternative for the paper made ones with all of its advantages and not its disadvantages. It cancels the need for storage space and even contributes to nature by eliminating the possibility of cutting trees. The hours spent on packaging and distribution can also be reduced. Customers need not pile up the vouchers since it is accessible anytime online. It is practical, worthwhile and will provide higher longevity than the vouchers bought manually. An additional feature of this app is that it has Bluetooth enabled thermal printing along with SUNMI POS. Vouchered functions untroubled in Google’s Android and Apple’s iOS.It’s contactless distribution feature benefits the social distancing needs of the time. Now reward and get rewarded safe and smart.

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