How to choose the Best Software Company?

How to choose the best software company?

Have you ever been into a dilemma while choosing a software development company for your firm? Or are you still not out of the puzzle? Then this is for you! Being a business enterprise, outsourcing becomes one of your casual deals. But when it comes to your software development endeavour, the same becomes the king of outsourcing. To find the best complementing partner in software development is not just a piece of cake. You have to set your requirements, analyse your resources and finally seek the best match!

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Due to the lack of adequate research, before this crucial selection, many firms tend to limit their requirements and end up choosing a company offering the lowest budget software development services. It’s not about the budget, it is all about what you need and who has got an expertise in the same. Here, you will get to know what to do and what not to do while associating with a software development company for your business.

  1.       Learn from the recommendations

Have some quality talk with someone who almost belongs to a similar field of yours, your colleagues and professionals in the field. Rather than seeking the best, try to elaborate on what you need and who can cater it best. Researching the software development partners of your direct competitors in the market can also do much better. Internet research can also help you analyse and evaluate figures of ranking and ratings on best software companies in Kerala, Top software companies, Best software companies in Calicut and many such research-oriented keywords. But always try to be sceptical instead of taking everything for granted!

  1.       Portfolio analysis

If you are looking forward to associating with the best software company in Kerala, do a thorough review of their professional milestones, achievements, benchmarked clients and everything in and out literally. Portfolio analysis of a software development company to find out the best is a long-drawn-out process. So remember to invest ample time and energy doing that since this is going to be the technical foundation as well as the face of your firm.

  1.       Weigh up their resources

A company working under limited resources yet having sound professionalism and quality won’t be the best choice for you. Updations are more often in the software field, and that must be supported by the availability of good and fresh resources to get your firm always run along with the technology.

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 If you carry out an online search on the title, “software companies in Kerala”, you will come across a multitude of companies, offering a wide variety of solutions and services. As a primary step, track down their website and know about the technologies they are using and study they can be beneficial to your concerns particularly.

  1.       Study the teamwork quality

Check into how the developers work as a team, share their knowledge, utilize their skill sets and deliver within the deadlines. So that, you can assure a minimum quality of the work that you receive. The best way to study all these parameters is to simply talk with them and if you could find an amicable atmosphere, where you can open up your concerns, requirements and plans and you are served with the right and realistic strategies, structures and solutions, you have found your best match! Also, try to check the comprehension of the team or their willingness to do extensive research on relatively fresh topics to build up a compatible software that seems and succeeds to be industry-specific.

Team Work


Beacon’s journey to one of the best software companies in Calicut,Kerala was a gradual one since we struggled to be the one-stop software destination for each one of you! We focused on our team building, improvising resources, religious updation of all the technologies being used, customization and research for clients who fall into various business categories, refining our content and communication aspects, incorporating the best and unconventional designs and UIs to satisfy the customized requirements, ultimately to bring the best out of it.

Here’s how we make it happen!

  1.       Laying the foundation

We pin down your vision and mission, right in front of our workspace. That will stay as our ultimate ethical point forever, either in the area of development or in the case of management. The next step is to categorise the business targets into short-term and long-term necessities. To assign the tasks to the best-fit resource-persons within our team makes a lot of difference and we do it with absolute care. And the team makes their minds upon the right technology to use and fix the deadlines. We are very particular about keeping you always with us so that your suggestions and recommendations can get respected at every stage of the development.

  1.       The aesthetic implementation

Designing becomes the most crucial aspect of software development since it helps to impart a refined and sophisticated outlook to the users. Our designers are quite well-grounded in balancing the aesthetic and utilitarian facets of design to make your software work as productive in every possible. UI compatibility and Usability Standards remain our key concerns to persuade the users to stay forever.

  1.       The Enactment

All the finalised technologies, strategies, innovative solutions and methodologies are brought into action and thus a contemporaneous software is built in this phase. Our uncompromising concerns about committing the least minimum errors keep us go after the most flexible, alert, perceptive and proven plans ensuring that your final product meets way more than perfection.

  1.       Assistance, Dummy run and Bestowment

We can’t leave you in between a great journey! Our management and support systems are exceptionally promising that you won’t have to worry about anything and everything you come across while employing the software. We also conduct several rounds of manual and default dummy runs to ensure the functional quality of the product. Omitting deadlines on account of better product quality is not our cup of tea. We make it happen within the deadlines and beyond the best!

We do responsibly undertake the digital transformation for your firm employing consultations, cloud-based solutions, digital engagement through our online marketing experts. Beacon thus becomes the womb of everything that you dream digital!

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