Have you ever thought of doing all the office files at your schools in an automated mode? The answer is simply a decent School Management Software. Here is all that you need to know about such software before its installation.

Cloud Based Management Software

Manual tasks are not the need of the era since it only helps you towards an accelerated rate of the exhaustion of the resources available. Whereas management software is a one-time investment that guarantees a new easy, convenient and faster way of doing things at your management office. It embodies many services like cloud-based asset management solutions, cloud-based project management solutions and many more.

Staff-Skills made Smart

There are a lot of repetitive tasks in a school office, which doesn’t deserve the creative and strenuous intervention of the staff spending hours and days over it. Installation of management software can help them fix the issue and concentrate more on other aspects of management and administration. The digital way of managing things can also excite and interest them while ensuring maximum accuracy and automation. The automated management system can also assure the optimum utilization of human as well as non-human resources in the office.

School Management Software

Easy Admissions

Think about the tiring tight schedules during the beginning of an academic year at your school office. Attending the parents, scheduling individual meetings and admitting the students according to the admission portfolios and the like are always a hectic task for the entire school. An automated procedure for separate meetings, admissions and counselling can be held through management software by promoting direct parent-software transactions, which in turn reduce the manual chores at the office.

Office-less Enrollments

Time loss and workload while enrolling on subsidiary programs, seeking materials and resources and fetching the class-updations are exceeding the estimates every year. By allowing the online availability of resources, materials and enrollment forms within the software, make the process transparent, secured and quick. It also helps the students, parents and teachers to get in touch with the class and academics in case they have to stay away.

School Management Software

Data loss- A History

Manual tasks at a school office such as exam schedule, staff and student attendance, student and staff details data entry, registration, register maintenance and data loss or redundancy are likely to occur more frequently, which can always create a mood of stress, mess and hurry burry destructing the smooth functionality of the office as well as administration jobs. Data redundancy and loss will become a thing of the past on the successful installation of the school management software at your school.

Paperless-management system

Insufficient storage is one of the main challenges that you face while archiving the physical files in a school office. The paper-based filing system is also prone to data loss and difficulty to fetch out at a necessity. Moreover, it can also be a breach of the reputation and prestige of the institution by raising issues related to privacy and security.

Paperless Management Feature

The easy-peasy Data Backup

Data procurement and retrieval can be made much easier with the installation of a management software. The safety and security dimensions integrated within the software prevents unwanted interferences to the data and customization can also be made to limit certain access to authorized staff only. The software can also help the parents by sending them reports, reminders and notices on fee remittance, exams and other related programs.

We Present, the novel Educational Revival, Edubea

Edubea is the result of our unconventional thinking to bring about a productive and convenient change in the domain of school management. The stimulus was from an intense aspiration to create an educational system empowering students, teachers, parents and management alike and together. A whole new learning, teaching, parenting and management experience is the surety we place before everyone who approaches us with an aim of a positive and sophisticated transformation to their existing conventional standards of education.


This unique and distinct software strategy we put forward prioritize safety, security, convenience and speed with a one-time investment, that you would never regret. Have a glimpse of the exclusive convenient dynamics of Edubea and discover how we become the best cloud-based project management solution providers in Kerala.

  •       Automated backup – cloud-based backup solution to prevent the accidental loss of data by providing automated data backup facility integrated within
  •       All platform performer- Edubae can be run on various devices and operating systems, facilitating extensive functionality to a wide range of users.
  •       The uncompromised security- Edubea’s security objectives are well defined so that it allows even the transaction and processing of highly complicated data files.
  •       Online/Offline ERP- online and offline variants are available for the software catering to the differing requirements of our clients.
  •       Timely delivery of reports- the software strictly adheres to your reputable deadlines and all the reports, analytics and assessments can be sent to the audience on time.
  •       Location-tracking- wipes out all the woes regarding student attendance through the advanced live-location tracking system.

Edubea software stands out by digitizing anything and everything related to paperless schoolings such as paperless admission, fees management system, attendance management, accounting division management, live location tracker, payroll management, human resource management, online homework tracker, leave of absence application, transportation management system, school inventory management, peer observation, complaint manager, exit pass module, message module, no due management, trip request, reports and many more. 

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