Confused with the two terms? Unable to choose what your business needs the most? Well, let’s do that comprehending the all-encompassing aspects of both software. Generally, the terms are closely related and do distinguish themselves using a subtle line of differences. Let’s discuss the functional, operational and practical disparities that would help you find the best for your business requirements.

First let’s broadly analyse a sound, practical explanation about the process of development of software.


Software development is a series of steps and procedures followed by professionals in the development and maintenance of computer applications and programmes. The software can instruct the computer system and make them run according to the programme encoded within.

Programming software, system software and application software are the three major classifications of software. System software is the most prominent deals with the most significant performances like Operating Systems (OS), Hardware management, Disk management and many more. Programming software on the other hand caters tools for coding purposes such as compilers, debuggers, linkers, text editors and the like. Finally, application software serves the users in the execution of media players, data management, security programmes etc.

Now, you are ready to learn and understand the core differences between custom software and packaged software!

Process of software (Coding)


Generally speaking, every individual is a consumer and user of software programmes. Everyone who makes use of a laptop, computer or mobile phone is constantly being in touch with any of the software. the software which is made openly available to the general public can be identified as packaged software. Packaged software is made for generic use and there is nothing particular or individual-specific about it. Whereas custom software is usually designed, developed and programmed for the customized purpose of any particular business entity or any individual seeking customized software requirements.

A major difference between both the software lies in its prize ranges. Packaged software has been sold for a fixed rate by the developers. And most of the packaged software is limited to modifications and improvisations. They are most likely a collection of programmes bound together as a single software programmes commissioned to perform various operations. Packaged software can be generally understood as a set of programmes that are known under a single name providing solutions to the general public. Microsoft Office that includes multitudes of provisions like MS Word, MS Powerpoint, MS Excel, Adobe etc. can be regarded as the best example of a packaged software.

Customization itself is the most prominent factor that makes a customized software stand out from a normal packaged software. Custom software is built for a particular requirement to suit the exclusive requirements of the organization or individual. Custom software is open to improvisations and changes as per the demand from the side of the client or to match with the technological upgrades. The provision for such upgrades is the major reason behind the relatively high prizing ranges of customized software. Nowadays a lot of organisations approach software development companies to design and develop custom software seeking the most convenient but novel methodology of employee management, database management, retrieval and many more herculean manual tasks and operations.

Let’s juxtapose both
Packaged software Custom software
  • Explicit, fixed market rates
  • The price range varies; relatively high when compared to packaged software
  • Built for the general public
  • Tailor-made for a particular organisation or individual
  • General requirements
  • Organization or individual-specific requirements
  • Only limited improvisations possible
  • Open to improvisations
  • Set of programmes, providing various tools
  • Advanced programme
  • User friendly, easy to comprehend
  • Complexity is relatively high
  • Can generate revenue by market sharing
  • Can only serve to a single client party


The advantages of integrating custom business software into your workspace can do wonders meanwhile adding to your work convenience, eliminating many time-consuming manual tasks in employee management and database management as well. Imagine the difference between using a universal solution manually and tailor-made software to suit your specific organizational objectives. Custom software developed by professional is not simply a matter of development rather it is a unique amalgamation of designing, development, building, integration and many more integrated and incorporated in a highly distinct ratio.



When it comes to custom software development, you need to do better research about the company to which you are planning to assign the task. Testimonials and credentials on previously accomplished custom software development projects can help you determine the quality and reliability of the company.

Conformation to deadlines and flexibility in communications to accept and analyze suggestions are all important while attempting the task since customization plays a crucial role here. You can also surf through the company’s social media handles, websites, print brochures and many more to get into a final decision. Rather than evaluating the credentials of a single company, go for the recommendations and choices of your competitors in the industry who has already integrated a custom software mechanism into their workspace.

Beacon Infotech – Tailored Custom Software Solutions

Beacon Infotech is one of the best custom software development company in Kerala. We understand the rapidly changing business scenarios and the need to employ effective and advanced custom software in your workflow. The due significance is given to the various aspects of custom software development such as designing, development, building, scaling and the like help us stand out from a masses of software development companies that offer myriads of development services to your doorstep. Assurance of the product quality, deadlines, efficiency, functionality and convenience remain the top priorities for us.

We also can’t compromise on the active participation of our clients in each stage of development, since the productivity of custom software lies primarily on the same. We can also assure and guarantee timely technological as well as custom changes to be incorporated into the software without interfering and distorting the brand outlook and usability of the same. The maintenance department is also very much particular about treating your needs accordingly ensuring maximum customer satisfaction in fair price ranges.

Latest technological upgradations, strict adherence towards customer satisfaction and matchless resources of skillful and creative developers make Beacon an outstanding option for Custom Software Development in Kerala.

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